How to Change Strata Managers

Stage 1

Talk to your committee, research the market for the management companies available (Suggestion: if you cant speak with the whole committee, just chat to one of the members to pass on your thoughts/request).

Stage 2

Interview or meet the potential managers as a committee (Suggestion: make a list of questions such as ‘how would you handle XYZ situation, what if XYZ occurred). (Suggestion: make a list of questions such as ‘how would you handle XYZ situation, what if XYZ occurred)

Stage 3

Obtain a copy of the strata roll from your current manager. (Suggestion: committee member only can obtain this and may need to visit the office to collect a copy due to the privacy act)

Stage 4

Arrange the EGM to change Strata companies (Suggestion: Ask your new management company you wish to appoint to handle this for you,  including distributing the notice)

Stage 5

Hold the EGM. (Suggestion: ask your new manager to attend so everyone gets to meet their new manager)

Stage 6

Type the minutes and send them off to notify the old management company. (Suggestion: ask the newly appointed manager to type the draft up for the strata scheme). The change over from stage 5 is usually 3 months under most agency agreements unless other circumstances are relevant.

Customer Success

We have personally known Michelle for over 20 years and then to have her manage our building was such a relief. She is competent, trustworthy and honest.

She comes up with cost saving ideas and concepts that make our building run smoothly.

Robert & Nikita Brindle (Owners)

12 Fisher Rd, Dee Why

Nothing beats having someone you can trust to always do the very best for your property and then some.

Whenever Michelle was across a matter, I knew it would be dealt with and never have to worry or chase her up.

Michelle is always professional yet deals with issues in a friendly and timely manner.

You can even see her smiling through the phone line!

Irene, (Committee Member)

1-5 Collaroy St, Collaroy

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