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Can I Have A Pet?

With the new strata legislation changes in 2016 a common question that is constantly asked; 'Is my pet now guaranteed to be allowed in any strata scheme?' The quick answer is No. Each building has a set of by-laws outlining if pets are allowed within the building....

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Why Consistency Is The Key

Strata Revolution's business model is focused around the concept of 'the same manager year after year'. I am passionate about this topic after years of monitoring a strata team, trying to maintain a satisfied owners corporation, this same issue jumped out at me time...

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Cladding & Your Strata Insurance Policy

With the recent tragic fire in Grenfell London, the government and insurance companies are more aware and interested in the type of cladding (if any) your building contains.  The Department of Fair Trading, Australia wide have said they will start taking action...

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New rules: prohibited proxy farming.

The new strata legislation has slammed proxy farming! (schedule 1, 26 (7). The new regulation regarding proxies are not so much complex but emotive. Why? Under the new rules there is a limit to the number of proxies a person can hold. If the strata plan has less than...

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Need to renovate your unit?

The new strata legislation (The Strata Schemes Management Act 2015) supposedly has made life easier for owners wanting to renovate their unit. The legislation guides owners into first determining is the renovation minor, cosmetic or major. Does approval need to be...

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Fire Safety In Your Building

Fire Safety is one of my biggest concerns. I personally would never lease a unit where I walk into the foyer and noticed the building does not have even the most basic fire safety measures installed such as smoke detectors or fire extinguishers. Some strata managers...

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DEFT – The easy way to pay your levies.

When you think about a strata agency and the fact they hold all your funds you need to feel secure in their banking choice and methods. Strata Revolution banks with Macquarie Bank. The Macquarie Group may not have a local Northern Beaches branch but they bring a sense...

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Tenants at Strata Meetings – Yikes!

The new changes to the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 has an interesting development. The strata committee must have now a 'tenant representative'. Most strata managers are shaking their heads at this concept, most owner corporations are annoyed because there will...

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