Emergency Contact Details

 Important Information

Please Read Before Contacting a Tradesperson

  • The details below are our main emergency tradespersons.
  • Should you have an emergency going on please contact the PRIMARY supplier listed below in the order as they are listed. Ie; We have three plumbers, but prefer you to call the PRIMARY one as the issue has a high chance of being logged with them and the building can hopefully lessen the chance of two suppliers attending your site.
  • Should the emergency relate to the entire building and you are not on the committee – if you know a committee members mobile number, email or unit number please advise them first so they can make the call whether to order a tradesperson.
  • Please check your noticeboard if there is an emergency at your building currently, the committee may have put up other suppliers they prefer you to contact or may have left a note regarding the current situation.
  • Please should you call an emergency please pop a note on the noticeboard listing who you called, what is being done, when roughly the tradesperson will be attending site and your unit number.
  • Please kindly email what action you have taken to michelle@stratarevolution.com.au so we can be updated.
  • Should you not have an emergency and are just checking out the Strata Revolution site and have other suppliers you wish to use, please let us know before an emergency occurs.
Plumber (PRIMARY)Wolfies Plumbing1300 965 343
PlumberJedi Plumbing0411 774 381
PlumberLC Plumbing0488 730 888
Locksmith (PRIMARY)Manly Vale Locksmiths0405 976 188
LocksmithManly Locksmiths0499 775 625
Intercom & Electrical (PRIMARY)Wire Empire0421 936 846
Intercom & ElectricalJustin Electrical0414 704 034
Arborist (PRIMARY)Aura Tree Services1300 171 496
Garage Doors & Electric Gates (PRIMARY)GEM Garage Doors0407 434 244
Garage Doors & Electric GatesAllgate1300 655 600
Glass (PRIMARY)Regal Glass9979 1544
Roofer (PRIMARY)Beaches Roofing0448 276 755
Antenna Reception (PRIMARY)Antenna Whisperer0405 080 994
Gas Supply (PRIMARY)AGL13 19 09

Thanks in advance!