Emergency Contact Details

 Important Information

Please Read Before Contacting a Tradesperson

  • Should you have an emergency going on please contact the PRIMARY supplier listed below in the order as they are listed. Ie; We have three plumbers, but prefer you to call the PRIMARY one as the issue has a high chance of being logged with them and the building can hopefully lessen the chance of two suppliers attending your site.
  • Should the emergency relate to the entire building and you are not on the committee – if you know a committee members mobile number, email or unit number please advise them first so they can make the call whether to order a tradesperson.
  • Please check your noticeboard if there is an emergency at your building currently, the committee may have put up other suppliers they prefer you to contact or may have left a note regarding the current situation.
  • Please should you call an emergency please pop a note on the noticeboard listing who you called, what is being done, when roughly the tradesperson will be attending site and your unit number.