Why Join Strata Revolution?

1 to 1 Personal Service. Get to Know Your Manager.

We have a personalised offering that is formed around a simple concept – Michelle Russell will be your strata manager. You will not be shuffled and changed around within a strata company. The person who sells you the strata management package, is the person who attends your change over meeting, who visits the site and meets the committee, the person who holds your Annual General Meeting… yes… you will have only one strata manager!

Why is this Such a Great Concept?

Over the years your strata manager remembers the issues the building faced, the trade persons who were engaged to undertake the work, the complex personalities within the building, when a special levy was last raised and more… It’s frustrating to see the strata manager leave or your building be shuffled around within a company and all the acquired knowledge regarding your building disappears.

The Strata Revolution concept is formed around Michelle Russell, the Director, Licensee and YOUR strata manager. With over 10 years strata management experience she is able to meet all your needs.

Our Team is Here to Serve.

Michelle is assisted by Sue Connell, a Registered Strata Manager. Sue brings not only 3+ years of strata experience, but she brings a high level of client management that only age & acquired wisdom can achieve.

Between this dynamic and trustworthy team, once you join Strata Revolution you will feel relieved and satisfied that your building is finally in experienced hands.

It Takes Less than 1 Minute to Generate a Quote

To obtain a free quote and the standard management fees please go to the ‘quote page’ within this website or contact me for more information and a confidential chat. Should you require the complete agency agreement please contact me. I use the standard Strata Association (SCA) management agreement so there are no hidden clauses.

Michelle Russell – Managing Director

Changing Strata Managers has Never Been This Easy

Getting started is as easy as 1,2,3.

1. Generate an Instant Quote.
2. You'll receive an email confirmation of your quote.
3. Get a call from us to finalise the details.