Commercial Strata Management

Personal Service + Experience = Great Value.

The ability to be a great Strata Manager for a Commercial Strata Scheme is the same as being a great Strata Manager for a Residential Strata Scheme. The format is the same, the Act is the same, the issued faced as slightly different but…

If you have an excellent Strata Manager, a knowledgeable Strata Management team, an interested Director… your building’s size or type doesn’t really matter too much apart from the time needed to manage the corporation.

We Respond Fast.  We Save you Time.

The Strata Revolution concept is really just genuine old-fashioned personalised customer service. But what does this mean anymore…?

In this day and age of automated, voice activated, hold messages and never really getting through…  As a client you need real action, results and responses to your queries.

With over twenty five years of combined strata management experience and in running a strata agency, Strata Revolution fully understand what the key is to successful Strata Management – COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE!

Commercial Strata Management

Michelle Russell – Managing Director

Outstanding Strata Management. It's Our Promise to You.

Getting back to owners – quickly!
A caring attitude
Customised management 
Clear explanations, not just a reference to the Strata Schemes Management Act.
Efficient communication
Proactive - suggesting ideas for your scheme
Guiding owners during decision making
Our aim is to achieve a positive & long term relationship

Personal Service is Only the Beginning.

With over two decades of acquired knowledge from years in the strata industry, Strata Revolution is the team that does give a damn, wants to save you money, assist you to rectify the repairs, offer suggestions to your committee and more! With the majority of our team being Northern Beaches residents, we are extremely familiar with the local council rules and restrictions, when a development application is required, etc.

A Network of Trusted Trades - or Use Your Own.

We have a great team of tradespersons who are themselves mainly small businesses, who are well-priced, fair and decent tradespersons. When your building joins Strata Revolution we will keep your same supplier unless you are looking for a change. Additionally, you can use a known tradesperson to your building for one off jobs. Strata Revolution doesn't charge fees to suppliers for collecting their insurances and license details.

Insurance? Zero Commissions Saves You Money.

Strata Revolution is open to negotiations as to the insurance management fee charged as we do appreciate that the commissions received on Commercial Strata Schemes are usually higher than the average residential Strata Scheme.

We Manage Compliance - So You Don't Have To.

Strata Revolution uses an excellent strata software program that allows us to manage your building to the highest possible standard. Within this program we are able to create brilliant compliance registers, set up reminders, effectively manage your building’s insurances, levies, fire statements, lift maintenance, debt collection, budgets, pay your invoices, reconcile accounts and create easy to read financial reports and so much more!

Trust Accounts by Macquarie.  

Macquarie Bank manages all Strata Revolution trust accounts allowing us to set your building up with an individual trust account with no account keeping fees. Each owner receives their own DEFT* reference code, so whether you pay your levies quarterly, monthly or weekly (depending on your personal budget) the monies paid into the account are deposited against your unit immediately.

We have personally known Michelle for over 20 years and then to have her manage our building was such a relief.

She is competent, trustworthy and honest.  She comes up with cost saving ideas and concepts that make our building run smoothly.

Robert & Nikita Brindle (Owners)

12 Fisher Rd, Dee Why

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