When you think about a strata agency and the fact they hold all your funds you need to feel secure in their banking choice and methods. Strata Revolution banks with Macquarie Bank. The Macquarie Group may not have a local Northern Beaches branch but they bring a sense of security being Australia’s largest investment bank.

Strata Revolution loves the Macquarie bank DEFT payment system. This system gives you numerous ways to pay your levies, by mail, Bpay or in person at Australia Post, alternatively you can go online and either pay using a credit card or by direct debit. Even better is you can set up regular deductions from your bank account so you never miss a due date.

When you pay your levies your new strata code on your levy payment notice allows Strata Revolution to identify your unit immediately and allocate the funds against your unit. This allows us to additionally reconcile our trust accounts daily. With your DEFT account you can view your payment history and get receipts for each payment paid.

Would you like to learn about DEFT or strata levies visit the DEFT website. or head to Strata Revolution’s website 

Michelle Russell – Managing Director

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