With the new strata legislation changes in 2016 a common question that is constantly asked; ‘Is my pet now guaranteed to be allowed in any strata scheme?’

The quick answer is No.

Each building has a set of by-laws outlining if pets are allowed within the building. Some buildings have still maintained the rule – no pets are permitted. Other buildings may allow pets. The request for a pet must be made to either the Strata Committee or Owners Corporation. Some buildings have allowed all pets without permission, others have varying rules such as weight of pet, type of pet, or number of pets permitted. Each strata building is completely different and you must enquire with your Strata Manager as to your building’s specific rules on pets.

A well run Strata Management Agency will manage all pet application requests regardless of the type of by-law adopted. This allows if the building accepts pets, for the committee to know what pets are within the building and have the residents with pets agree to follow a clear set of rules relating to the behaviour of the pet.

Strata Revolution have a pet application form (located on our website) and we request this is completed and submitted to the us on behalf of the Strata Scheme that we manage.

For more useful information regarding Strata Management head to Strata Revolution’s website. 

Michelle Russell – Managing Director

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