Strata Revolution’s business model is focused around the concept of ‘the same manager year after year’. I am passionate about this topic after years of monitoring a strata team, trying to maintain a satisfied owners corporation, this same issue jumped out at me time and time again. The problem is strata agencies grow, strata managers change and agencies focus on quantity rather than quality and overload their strata managers.

A Strata Manager generally feels overwhelmed due to a few issues; training (it takes years to understand the complex nature of strata management), being handed a large portfolio when stepping into the position, lack of in-house mentoring, the high number of emails being received daily and dealing with the complex nature of meetings and various personalities within a strata plan.

I love being a Strata Manager, I enjoy the various personalities within a building and really get a kick of out solving problems and having everyone get on within a building, even if they have a different agenda. A successful moment for me was a older gentleman (a long term investor) who was frustrated with the ever changing strata regulations, the committee and dealing with constant remedial and concrete cancer issues, left meeting feeling more in control with the issues at hand and smiling and laughing with the other owners.

My personalised approach allows owners to look forward to their general meetings and in the friendly environment feel more relaxed that their building is being managed professionally by the same Licensed Strata Manager. Together we are able to review, understand changes, monitor issues and repairs. Strata relationships can grow and develop instead of owners attending a meeting with another new manager year after year who hasn’t visited the building and is not across the issues and the previously discussed planned repairs.

I.e.; A building each year decides to save towards external facade repairs and painting, by having the same strata manager – this issue is monitored, monies are not spent on small repairs that agents and investors have requested during the year that relate to the same majors works that will be undertaken and prior to the meeting in that fourth year we are able to double check with the committee first if they are ready for quotes, discuss the financials and place on the agenda the quotes, etc ready for acceptance. Nice and organised.

For more information about the PERSONALISED concept head to Strata Revolution’s website. 

Michelle Russell – Managing Director

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